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Use the links on the left to explore all that the eChinese4Kids Web site has to offer. This area includes a summary of the site's goals, along with tips on how to make the most of time spent on it. There's also a detailed guide to all of the site's online games for kids, with full descriptions and educational objectives for each feature, as well as suggestions for extending the learning away from the computer.

The eChinese4Kids Web site is the first learning Chinese as a second language website for kids. The site targets kids ages four to thirteen, though many of its activities and resources can be used with kids who are younger or older. The goal of the Web site is to inspire children to learn Chinese in the way they like.
On the site, all the components bring you and your child engaging online games and activities that extend the series curriculum. While many features are designed to promote independent play, parents and kids can (and should) make time spent on the site a shared experience. The site also boasts a wealth of useful information and resources for educators and caregivers.
A few useful things to know about the games on this Web site:
Kids are in the driver's seat.
Components on the eChinese4Kids Web site are designed to help your child play independently. Many make use of the free downloadable Flash plug-in, allowing for audio-based instructions. This means that no reading is necessary in these games. So even if your child is a pre-reader, don't be afraid to let him drive (the mouse, that is). He may need some help from you, but the image-based navigation and audio-rich style games are designed to make him an active participant in his eChinese4Kids online experience.
Fun games and activities to gain virtual money.
Many of the activities on this Web site designed for the child to learn and play to gain eCMoney. With the objective to encourage the child to learn more, when your child plays, the game or activities can assess how she is doing and reward money according to her score. Later, the eCMoney can used for other application such as exchanging or buying items in the near future.
Here are some tips for making the most of time spent on the eChinese4Kids Web site:

  • Before sitting with your child to start playing, it's a good to make a quick pit stop in the Technical Help area of the site to learn about any (free) downloads you might need in order to play the games and to experience this Web site at its best.
  • Next, check the Guide to Web Features for Kids. That's where you'll find descriptions and educational objectives for every game on the eChinese4Kids Web site, as well as suggestions for extending the learning away from the computer.
  • Even though many of the components on the site allow your child to play on her own, watch your child participate and ask questions that will help her to make real-world connections.
  • After playing a game, extend the learning into some real-world play away from the computer.